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Birthday February 24, 1975
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About This Site

Welcome to Adrianne's Pantyhose!
I have always been an exhibitionist. I enjoy dressing sexy and teasing someone to the point of a need for immediate release. One day shortly before I turned 21 I was dressed in a short skirt, a slinky top, shiny pantyhose and stiletto heels, my ex-husband asked if he could take some risque pics of me and I agreed. I liked the way they looked so we posted them in the newsgroups and got a great response. I have enjoyed teasing the camera ever since. Over the years I have had lots of fun in front of the camera. One of my favorite rewards is hearing from other leg lovers after they have viewed my pics.
This is Adrianne

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Pantyhose Sex!
YES! YES! YES! Ohhhhh yessssss! Ooops! I must have had a relapse to a great moment there. Please excuse me;)~ What I meant to say is what's not to love? Sex can be very erotic, throw a great pair of pantyhose in the mix and BAM baby!

Be sure to stop by...I know you'll love my site!

Adrianne Talks About Pantyhose

Ahhh pantyhose, where to begin?? I have loved pantyhose for some time now. I recall the first time I was complimented on my legs I was wearing pantyhose and a short skirt. A friend of my brother approached me and told me I had nice legs. I was delighted and it wasn't long before I realized how nice legs look in pantyhose.

Being that I am an exhibitionist at heart I love getting all dressed up and seeing what sort of reaction I get from leg lovers when I tease them. I love to see them squirm when I "accidently" drop my keys and bend way over to pick them up. Wicked? Maybe;) Fun? Definitely!!

Get me in a silky pair of sheer to waist pantyhose and I feel so sexy. Not only do I love wearing pantyhose but I love seeing others in pantyhose. I can't keep my eyes off of a great set of gams incased in nylon. Sexy legs in sheer pantyhose turn me to mush.

Finally, I love the way my sexy pantyhose feel on my legs and other parts;o)~ I really enjoy the seamless pantyhose from Wolford, they hug all the right places and it feels so damn good. If you ever see me walking funny you'll know I am in my seamless pantyhose.

Do you love pantyhose?


Winnie's Closing Comments

After having re-engineered her site this past September, Adrianne is back to regular updates (three times/week), a steady stream of fresh material, and the most pantyhose energy she's had since '97, when I first linked to her site. (Yes, there really is something called Pantyhose's the energy increase one gains from wearing, seeing, smelling, or thinking about, pantyhose.)

I know that when the Exhibitionist Adrianne first visited me here in Hollywood and took over my computer back in November, she promised pics of herself at my desk. I have the pics, but alas, I am slow. The pics will make it online...I swear! Meanwhile, the pic of Adrianne above (from her current set) shows an outfit that she bought while she was here.

As I was looking through her site tonight at some of her early work... Adrianne bathing in pantyhose, Adrianne sailboating in pantyhose, Adrianne lookin' like Santa Claus in made me think of just how few of the girls from the early days are still with us. Thankfully, Adrianne still loves working on her site (I know...I was drowning in her Pantyhose Energy when she was here), and she just can't work on her site enough. I expect her to still be online six or seven years from now, with her site going stronger than ever.

And lastly (for now)...Adrianne's video from when she was here in Hollywood is now available. I won't describe it in detail now, but you can find the details (and the video) at her site. - Winnie

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