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Hi, I'm Monica!!

Hog & I have had the site up since April 5, 1998. We have really grown since then! Hog was my inspiration for the site! He's been into bondage for 25+ years and is an expert in the field! He never had enough bondage in his life so I make sure that he's getting his fill now!! Hog and I have been together for 4 years! I not only want to fulfill his needs but yours also and bring you new bondage, leg and feet experiences each and every week!

Now about the members section!! I update the member's area several times a week! Check the updates page to see just how much! You will find me in bondage in the following: Dressed, Lingerie, Secretarial, Suspension, Handcuffs, Tape/Mummification, Leather & Nudies. There is a separate button for each. Other women appear there also!!!! I have my regulars who are Vesta, Xandra, Precious and Jenny CD. They appear several times a month! They have their own buttons in the member's area. I also have several women that I get material from on a periodic basis that appear in the members. You will find them through my "Other Women" button above. I also have a 2 Women+ button in the member's area for multi women shoots. There's a separate story area in the members for those of you that like to read (these are stories submitted to the site.) Additionally, I write several stories to go with my pics in the member's and occasionally I'll do a story to go along with some of the other women's pics. I've also started featuring sites in my member's area. Carolina Bound, SweetTies, Inbondage, Jamm Productions and AES Productions appear there. Dominic Wolfe will be joining me too soon.

I appreciate all the people that have contributed to the site! They have helped make this a very fun and entertaining site for all of you! Thank you all, your wonderful!!

My husband also loves legs, feet & full body pics(cheescake)! I have an area in my site that covers all of these and I plan to be enlarging it quite a bit this year! These are all leg, feet and full body pics!! Some are in bondage, but many out of bondage!!

I plan to continue making this an entertaining FUN site! I like to keep my creative juices working so I promise to keep it exciting for all of you!!

Make sure you check my membership area for at least a month! It's well worth it. There are 250-300 original pics put up each and every month! Membership helps to cover the costs for all the clothes, shoes, stockings, garters...I must buy to keep the site appealing.


Love & Smooches


Winnie's Closing Comments

I like Monica...she's cool. - Winnie

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