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Pantyhose Fetish E-Zine

Welcome to CyberLegs....a pantyhose and leg fetish community of adult sites dedicated to Legs, Feet, High Heels, Stockings, tights and of course ... LOTS of Pantyhose! Check out our new digitally mastered pantyhose video by Brianna as she plays in her purple hose in a big inflatable bounce house, then plays with her "toys" through her seamless pantyhose! On sale now!

This is the site! The most famous pantyhose models on the Net! This is the home to the girls of alt.pantyhose and #pantyhose on #IRC.

Winnie's Personal Product Review

---------- General Information ----------

I reviewed Cyberlegs during January of 2000. After the posting of this review, I will profile (on ensuing nights) each of the Cyberlegs communities at the rate of one per night.



Cyberlegs began when one of Brianna's friends/photographers convinced her, back in 1993, to let him begin posting photographs of her on the Internet. At the time, she had a CompuServe account, and after being annointed, "Pantyhose Queen of the Internet," she created a web site.

The web site took off, and Brianna and her husband Kision soon ended up spending lots of time with the web site. Bandwidth demand soared as Brianna became synonymous with "Internet" and "pantyhose," and eventually people could get memberships to Cyberlegs which gave them access to vast archives of pantyhose pics.

It should be noted that during June of 1998, after much coaxing from the Cyberlegs staff, Winnie Cooper's Pantyhose Links moved from Geocities to Cyberlegs. While this site doesn't serve up pictures (which is the core of Cyberlegs), it nonetheless resided on the same servers as Cyberlegs.

Later, in mid 1999, both sites moved after some discord with staff at the former server site. Now, as we begin the year 2000, both sites are flourishing, and Winnie and Brianna have grown even closer.

---------- Site Elements ----------

Each of these areas are currently available at Cyberlegs.

---------- What's New? ----------

Free to All A complete listing of the previous 35 updates is available, though when I looked, there were actually about 100 previous updates listed. There is another option available f you wish to see the entire history of Cyberlegs updates dating back to November, 1998. Since Cyberlegs updates daily, there are lots of updates listed.

I've always felt that this sort of section is critical for any good site, but especially so for a site like Cyberlegs. In this case, one is presented with a dated list of updates, and clicking on an update brings up a series of thumbnails from galleries added on that date. Well done.

---------- Features ----------

Some Free to All, some Members Only One of the big draws of Cyberlegs, aside from its vast, ever-growing archive of pantyhose pics, has always been its cornucopia of pantyhose-related Stuff. This Stuff includes stories, ads, games, trend analyses, and other entertaining elements.

I'm going to be bad and list the Stuff here! :-)

  • Hose Review (Hippies and Comfilon) - Review of the Newest Pantyhose!
  • Brianna's Personal Page - Information and Stats on Brianna herself!
  • Pantyhose Kaleidescope - Spacey Cosmic Funny Pantyhose Kaleidescope
  • Pantyhose Black Hole - Ever wonder where those missing pantyhose go to??? Java Enabled
  • Readers Confessions - Readers stories about their fetish for pantyhose for the past 5 years. Enough stories to fill a paperback book!!
  • Dear Brianna - No One knows pantyhose better then Brianna. New letters to Brianna.
  • First Time Stories - Many new stories of readers first experiences with pantyhose and how they developed their love for pantyhose.
  • Sci-fi & Legs - A look into Pantyhose in popular Sci-Fi
  • Hosiery History - Art in Advertising from the past.

    Several features have apparently been retired. For instance, the Pantyhose Dolls, VRML Pantyhose, and Pantyhose Humor are now nowhere to be found at Cyberlegs.

    This area has always been one of my favorite. Almost all sites are comprised of the same thing...a bunch of pictures. Some of the sites have a page or two of accompanying text, and the better sites have lots of descriptive text. However, few sites show the diversity of covering a wide range of pantyhose topics. Cyberlegs handles this better than probably any site I've seen. At what other site can you find things like a Pantyhose Kaleidoscope or a Pantyhose Black Hole???

    ---------- Stories ----------

    Members Only There are two sets of stories at this site. One set is "First Time Stories," in which readers give their stories of the first time they wore pantyhose. The other section is "Reader Confessions," in which anything goes.

    I believe this section used to be free, but has been moved to the Member Area. This is disappointing, as there isn't really a good site on the Net dedicated to pantyhose stories. This section is bigger than most sites, yet so little of the whole Cyberlegs site. On a more positive note, I read many of the stories, and found that I spent lots more time reading them than I had originally intended. And I'm going to go back!

    ---------- Photos ----------

    Members Only Upon entering the Photo section, one is presented with three choices: a full-service search engine, a link to new photos for the month, and a link to the Top Ten Popular Galleries of the Month. The Top Ten Gallery shows thumbnails and number of hits per gallery.

    No doubt the main draw to Cyberlegs, the Photo Section at Cyberlegs is almost beyond comprehension. There are just so many photos available that one couldn't possibly get through them all in any reasonable number of hours (even if the pics were on a local hard drive.)

    Two main factors make these photos the Cream of the Crop: the content of the photos, which is no-holds-barred, and the top quality photography. This isn't like most of the garbage that shows up on the newsgroups; on the contrary, this is the site that spoils things for most others.

    I have to make mention of the search engine as well. One can search by model, activity, color, prop/outfit, multiple people, or date; or, one can combine these elements. Searches return thumbnails, keywords for the galleries, and the dates for which each of the galleries were added.

    I wasn't able to look at all of Brianna's pics, but I did pick out many different sets as I browsed through what seemed an endless number of sets available. Among the different series viewed, I noticed the following topics were covered:

    Of course, when it comes to Brianna, pantyhose are always part of the theme. Not sometimes, or most of the time, but all the time. This alone differentiates Brianna from basically all other "pantyhose" sites.

    ---------- PHTV ----------

    There are six videos available via streaming video (Real Video format.)

    With faster access available these days (DSL and cable), my feelings about video are changing. Nowadays, video over the Net can look good enough to watch. Incredibly, the entire contents of six videos are viewable online.

    ---------- Links ----------

    Links are separated into four categories: Adult Hose Sites, Hosiery Companies, Newsgroups, and Other Links.

    I see that the Links section of Cyberlegs is much trimmed from times past. The Adult Hose Sites section has a scant eleven links, Other Links has a mere 7, and there are three Newsgroups links. The Hosiery Companies list is larger, but I notice that some of the links listed there are embarrassing out-of-date.

    Certainly it is understandable to trim down a Links section, as links tend to go down quickly...thus, a links section is almost always in need of attention. However, I did find it very disappointing that the link to Winnie Cooper's Pantyhose Links is gone, though links to sites which focus on links (some of which aren't nearly as good as mine) are still there.

    ---------- Videos ----------

    An even dozen videos are available from Cyberlegs: Brianna's Pantyhose I-IV, Brianna's Pantyhose Sex I-III, a Sampler video (from Volumes I-III of each of the two series above), Brianna and Isabell, Isabell I, and Mike's Pantyhose I and II.

    Due to time constraints on my time, I felt it best to post this Cyberlegs review before having viewed any of Brianna's videos. However, I will be reviewing Brianna's videos in coming weeks and posting my comments here. (I'll put specific notice of such in my Daily Updates when it happens.)

    ---------- Brief Interview with Brianna ----------

    Q: Have you hit any bumps in the road thus far, or has the progression of Cyberlegs gone fairly smoothly?
    A: Things didn't end up going so well at bistar (as you know!), but things have been going great since we moved to our own domain!

    Q: What's your favorite part of Cyberlegs?
    A: Chatting with the members and getting to know what they want to see and giving it to them.

    Q: Just how many pics have you published?
    A: Ohhh my....I really don't know. In the thousands...probably close to 10,000 - 15,000 total!!!

    Q: Several people have asked about Donna, who used to be part of Cyberlegs. What happened with her?
    A: Unfortunaly Donna had a family member find her site and cause a lot of family she retired. I miss her desperately and hope she decides to come back...she is always welcome with us!!!

    Q: Do all your friends know about Cyberlegs? What do they think?
    A: All of our friends know about the site and support us with us ideas for shoots, feedback, etc.

    Q: How have your relatives reacted to Cyberlegs?
    A: Most of my family knows and either supports us or don't talk about it. My sister even did a few shoots for us, so all in all they've reacted very well and support us!

    Q: If you had the chance to start all over again, would you still do Cyberlegs? If so, what would you do differently?
    A: If I had the chance to start over I certainly would do it again!!! I don't think I would do anything differently as it's been a wonderful learning experience... we have learned a lot of what people want, and what sections are the best. We've added material based on the feedback from people about what they want to see on our site.

    Q: What does the future hold for Cyberlegs?
    A: The future for Cyberlegs is very exciting. We are in the process of opening live video, as well as doing more new videos for sale. We're even working on pantyhose animation videos, as well as thinking of going into video production for others who need help with that.

    We are always looking for new models to help get them started....and to join our community! And we are working on a pantyhose auction, to sell used hose from shoots that the guys want :)) We will also be doing CD sales of our old stuff as well!

    Of course, we're also very open to going along with anything else that people may want :)

    Q: Thanks for the interview!
    A: Any time!

    ---------- Alumni ----------

    Getting started at Cyberlegs can prove to be a great career move. Among the Cyberlegs alumni is Isabell, who moved on to form Pantyhose I asked Isabell if she would like to make a short comment about Brianna and Cyberlegs. Her answer came quickly:

    "Brianna is the true pioneer. I have learned so much from her. She is not only a Pantyhose Goddess, but she is also a dear friend. She was the one who helped us get where we are today, and I love her for that!!!" - Isabell

    ---------- Other Features ----------

    There are other features that have been melded into Cyberlegs...personals, a login cookie for extra convenience, a slide show, a chat room, complete online control over accounts, and a host of other features that all contribute to make Cyberlegs much more than any other pantyhose site.

    ---------- My Comments ----------

    I think it's probably obvious that I think Cyberlegs should be known about, and visited by, all pantyhose fans. Cyberlegs has started and remained at the top of its field. The site speaks for itself!

    Winnie's Closing Comments

    This review is so long overdue it's pathetic! I actually started on it a long time ago, but reviews can take a long time. A simple site can take a while, but to try and cover Cyberlegs is tremendously daunting! I hope the stuff I covered isn't already out of date!

    A big thanks to Brianna, who has been tremendously patient with me through the review of her site. I kept telling her I was almost done, then a week later I'd tell her that I hadn't been able to work on it. Through it all, she was never anything less than totally pleasant and very helpful, and almost all her email had most sentences finishing with a happy face! - Winnie

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