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How We Got Started

Encasement Fetish began in my mind about 4 years ago. My story actually begins before that... at the early age of 11, when I vividly remember my 4th grade teacher accidently brushing her nylon encased legs across my arm as she passed by. This funny feeling that came over me at that time still remains with me each time a see a pair of shiny legs. I recall the sheen of the hose mesmerizing me and how soft and smooth the material felt.

Needless to say, through out my youth, I developed an insatiable need and desire to wear different materials that were smooth, shiny, tight and restrictive. I tried pantyhose, multiple layers of hosiery, and spandex. I even remember being so excited as I admired women did aerobics in their spandex and tights. For many years I explored this fetish by myself through magazines, videos, and sneaking pantyhose from my mom's closet. I would wear them to school every so often and be turned on to know my little secret. During high school, I did meet a girlfriend who catered to my desire for tights and spandex when we were intimate with each other. Then, I also dated another girl who decided to tie my wrists to the steering wheel of my car when we were playing around one day. This struck a new interest for me.

(More at the site. - Winnie)

Winnie's Closing Comments

This is very much a full-service encasement site, and a great trip for Total Pantyhose fanatics. In addition to all the photo sets being categorized (Role Play, Encased Women, etc.), there is a Requests section, Updates section, and a Stories section. The Requests section shows the original text requesting the set. Also available is a Message Forum, a Personal Ads section, a Resouces and Links section, and Community Galleries.

The Forum, Ads, Resources and Community Galleries are part of a second site owned by EncasementFetish.com, except that the second site is free. (One must agree to a simple statement stipulating eighteen years of age or older, then email for a free username/password.)

The topic of bondage, which is highly relevant to EncasementFetish.com, is often closely tied (no pun intended) to pantyhose. I hope to bring more of this type of topic to my site in coming months. This site is a good start. - Winnie

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