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Birthday December 26
Favorite Brand Victoria's Secret (Glamour Sheers) and L'eggs
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About This Site

America's Tallest Pantyhose Model
Thank you for wanting to learn more about me. My name is Maria and I am 6 feet tall. In high heels, I'm as tall as 6' 6". I'm the USA's Tallest Amateur Leg, Nylon and Pantyhose Model. Many of you know me as Naughty Maria and, I've been on-line since late 1998 when my husband Rick and I started my site. As Winnie posts this updated profile of me, I'm beginning my 5th year of modeling on the Internet.

Maria Nylon

Five Years!!!
To have lasted this long on the Net is a tribute to the evolution of my website and our commitment to quality leg, nylon and pantyhose fetish erotica. Most importantly, it has been our commitment to our fans and their support of the site that has kept it going this long. We consistently make sexy, good looking, playful and erotic leg, nylon, pantyhose and high heel fetish photo shoots as well as full length and custom videos for fans worldwide.

What's at Our Site?

As for pictures, outdoor photo shoot series are our specialty. In fact, over 90% of the series we make are shot outside. Fans will see me in gorgeous natural outdoor settings wearing sexy short skirts, mini-dresses, PVC and leather ensembles. My choices for exciting leg wear are: luscious pantyhose, garter belts and nylon stockings. To accentuate my long legs even more, I typically wear 5 & 6-inch high heels, pumps, platforms and stilettos. As a bonus, every photo shoot series has a full written narration of the shoot to go along with the pictures you're seeing. Check this out: my series size usually runs between 80 and 100 pictures.

In addition to photo shoots, I also make full-length leg, nylon and pantyhose adult videos. I'm a natural in front of the camera and have shot almost 500 scenes for video. My extensive Pantyhose Dreams series of videos are very popular and new titles are released often. From pantyhose, role-play, boot fetish and uniform oriented videos to solo, boy-girl and girl-girl videos, I make them all. Custom leg, nylon and pantyhose videos are available from me too. Over half of my full-length videos can be watched on-line directly at my website.

If pictures and videos aren't enough for you, we also have original and unique MP3 Erotic Audio for you to listen to. As an amateur model, I lead the way in MP3 Erotic Audio by being one of the first amateurs to produce and distribute this form of audio. In total, we have made over 700 minutes of MP3 Erotic Audio and additional tracks are coming. Other sites have fake sex stories that were read into a microphone, but we have the real thing... my real sex scenes converted into Erotic MP3 Audio. Your ears never had it so good before.

As a fan club member, you can expect between 10 and 15 updates each month from us. From pictures, my own streaming videos (not short clips) and MP3 updates to new additions within our Leg Fever gallery, and Guest Models area, there's new stuff going on-line often. Stop by and visit me today.

If you appreciate sexy, good looking, leg, nylon and pantyhose erotica and want it served up from a 6 foot tall blonde, you owe it to yourself to visit my site today. Thank you for your interest in me and I hope to have you as a fan club member soon!

Maria Nylon Talks About Pantyhose

I first began wearing pantyhose in junior high school. Since mom wouldn't let me wear stockings at that age, pantyhose were the perfect alternative. She took me shopping for them and showed me the styles and colors available. Looking back across the years, the selection was rather small, but I soon learned to love the look and feel of them. These days, the pantyhose selection is huge. There are many styles, colors and textures available. I can spend as little as a few dollars a pair or as much as fifty dollars a pair to get the overall look and feel that I like. For the website, I usually wear Danskin, L'eggs, or Hanes brands. I must admit that I love Wolford hosiery though. My favorite styles of them are: Fatal and Hydra. When I wear pantyhose, I never wear anything under them. Nothing comes between me and my pantyhose.

Winnie's Closing Comments

It seems like just yesterday that I had started corresponding with a relative newbie to the Net...Naughty Maria. She dug pantyhose, but expressed doubt about whether people really liked pantyhose on women. I convinced her that pantyhose absolutely had to get their fair shot on her site. She gave it a shot, and here she still is today!!!

Not that I can take credit for the many years of incredible photo sets and multimedia material that has eminated from Maria Nylon's site. Maria has a strong proclivity for experimentation, and that includes (necessarily) doing almost everything outdoors. And Maria pays attention to a detail that I wish more girls would...color! I've chosen purple for this profile partially because of purple pantyhose that she wore in one of her early sets.

Perhaps the most attractive thing about Maria's site is not even the nature of her pics or her movies; rather, it is the relationship she keeps with her members. I've seen Maria go through many ups and downs over the years. Because of the heavy activity with her site, Maria's private life has pretty much totally melded with her public site; thus, the two are inextricably joined at the hip. The result: you get all of Maria, not just the "evening Maria who spends an hour posing for some pics." This characteristic of Maria and her site might easily be the biggest difference between Maria Nylon and the rest of what is available on the Net.

Make sure you browse through the thirty-six vids Maria has available. And I'll leave you with this hint: Maria loves cats, and has three of them... Flipper, Rascal and Sparky. All were adopted from various humane societies over the past 5 years. They're her babies, each with unique personalities and as different from each other as night and day. So if you email her and ask her about cats, she will love you for life! - Winnie

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