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About This Site

Thanx for dropping by!!!

This site is devoted to the beauty found in a woman. In particular, I find myself always drawn to the 'downside' of a woman -- that is, her legs and feet. For as long as I can remember, I have always been fascinated by a woman's lower extremities. And especially, when she is clad in nylon or pantyhose. To me, nylon 'makes' the woman and I have devoted this webpage to that very thing. I have free pictures for you that I have taken and collected over the years. I also have a unique set of videos, which I have shot around the Dallas area of various women which I think you will enjoy. Also, if you have 'nylon flavored' pictures you would like to share, email them to me. If I like what I see, I'll add them to the page! HAVE FUN!!

..and remember,
"Bare feet just ain't the same"

Pantyhose Videos

Nyloneer's Volumes - 10 titles available
Pantyhose Modeling - 43 titles available
Voyeur and Hidden Videos - 21 titles available
Cast and Sprain Videos - 10 titles available
Sneezing - 7 titles available
Crushing - 2 titles available

Winnie's Closing Comments

There is no question that Nyloneer has amassed a tremendous amount of quality original material during his five+ years online. The 93 available videos all come with full descriptions at his site(s), and lots of sample pics are available. This doesn't include the thousands of pics available in the current sections and the archive section. I also really like the comprehensive info given for his nineteen models.

However, I did have a difficult time navigating the site(s). Nyloneer's material is spread across three domains, and while the basic structure seems to be to be driven by nyloneer.com, with membership pics on Cyberlegs and archive materials on bistar, there seems to be a serious lack of cohesive structure to make navigation user-friendly. Also, I must note that several areas didn't work properly with my (Macintosh) Navigator 4.7, and I find parts of the Archive Index literally impossible to read (partially dependent on browser used.) - Winnie

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