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Birthday October 1, 1969
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Special Notice - 8/17/04

After 3 years on the web I am closing I thank everyone who visited and supported my web site, and I am forever flattered by all your attention. My site will continue to be open for one further month to accommodate the existing members. Members will continue to get weekly updates for the next 30 days. Memberships will automatically expire with no further re-billing. As a member you need to take no further action.

To answer a few questions:

1. Why are you stopping
To take a step back and devote myself to developing a new business. This new business may be in the form of a multi-model site. The site would showcase models new to the Internet, and with the innocent girl-next-door demeanor.

2. In the future, will you use the name PantyhoseKim?
I will keep the website as an information board only. I will no longer use the name PantyhoseKim. For all practical purposes, the name PantyhoseKim has been taken by someone else. There is a large group of websites owned by one person who has the terms "PantyhoseKim", "Pantyhose Kim", and "" written repeatedly and randomly throughout thousands of their web pages and on hundreds of their websites. The result is that Google or Yahoo queries give an overwhelming number of results for those sites, and just one or two results for my site. Most people looking for Pantyhose Kim through a search engine are mislead to other sites that have nothing to do with mine. Those people are directed to one of those nameless websites, with unending pop-up windows. It's ironic that people looking for an authentic amateur site such as mine would end up in a pop-up nightmare.

3. Will there be pictures of you on other sites?
I gave a handful of other sites permission to post my pictures. The only purpose for those pictures was to bring traffic to my site. I will be asking the web masters of those sites to take down the promotional material. Please let me know if you see my pictures used by another site. All my images are protected by Copyright law. No site can post my pictures for their profit.

4. Can you recommend good sites to visit?
Of course! I thought you would never ask! ;o) The greatest resource in the world for genuine pantyhose sites is

So it's time to say goodbye for now. Remember to buy your girl a pair of Wolfords (in the US call 1-800 WOLFORD for a catalog). Don't worry about the prices! She'll love you for them because Wolfords are so comfortable and sexy-feeling. You'll love her because she's never looked so good!

Catch you on the flip side!

August 17, 2004

Winnie Adds a Comment

Attitude is everything, and nowhere else does that hold as true as it does here in our little pantyhose community on the web. Kim's endless positive, simple, fun, personal attitude is what we wish would exist everywhere; sadly, it is confined to very few sites, and now we have lost what has always been one of the true great pantyhose sites.

Nowadays, most sites are simple photo factories, with nameless, faceless models making a quick buck. Kim's site has always represented the exact opposite. Never flashy, never grandiose, but always amusing, personal and on-topic, Kim's demise comes at the hands of the scum of the Internet. We all suffer greatly from this.

Kim: your site is fabulous! A pretty girl who loves pantyhose, and has none of that snotty attitude that we're in all of our fantasies! You will never be forgotten by those of us fortunate to have known you, and your name will become known to those who come online in the future.

It has truly been an honor working with you, and may all your future endeavors meet with equal success!

August 17, 2004

About This Site

Welcome to Pantyhose Kim!
My goal is to provide pantyhose lovers with a site that on one hand is well-done and merits a membership fee to support it, yet on the other hand a site that is clearly innocent and amateur. Many amateur sites are too professional while others aren't serious enough. I'd like Pantyhose Kim to be that breath of fresh air: a highly personal amateur site with a professional presentation.
This is Kim

Ever since I was a young teenager I've loved the tight, sexy feel of pantyhose against my legs. Then, I'll never forget the first day I went to school in a tiny miniskirt, pantyhose and NO underwear. It felt so sexy and from that point forward I abandoned underwear on most days. I loved the attention from the guys: classmates, upperclassmen and even teachers. Yes, I loved to date.

In college I accelerated the pantyhose pace even more by attending frat parties dressed in shorts too short to be decent, a small tank top to expose my stomach and sheer-to-waist pantyhose. At several parties those shiny, moist pantyhose were the only thing that separated me from the boys in a game of strip poker...

Now I spend my week days at work with clients or at the office, so I dress for success. My favorite work pantyhose are made by Wolford. They feel sexy and they're comfortable on my body. Some days I wear them with narrow skirts with slits that allow me to show my legs when it suits me. Other days I wear them with skirts that are just a little too short for the office, but I don't care...I love the attention!!!

Winnie's Closing Comments

Kim has made tremendous contributions to the pantyhose community during these first two years. Really cute, looks like an adult, great legs in pantyhose, shaves, likes the outdoors, likes shiny pantyhose, is a I need to continue? More than 6,000 pics so far, very steady with Friday night updates (and now, Tuesday night updates as well), recently uploaded her first .mpg vid, etc.

Having seen many pantyhose sites over the years, I was struck by Kim's goal(s) for her site from the moment she came online (see above..."well-done" and "personal amateur site with a professional presentation", among others.) This hasn't changed from Day One. Kim has maintained a very clear, simple site that includes much in the way of personal touches, including "Commentaries by Kim on Pantyhose Topics."

You want to see more of Kim? Check out the Personalized for Winnie page, and you'll see immediately why I think Kim is so special. Then, go ahead over and check out Kim's site, and you'll get as hooked on her as I am! - Winnie

Original Profile: 9/24/01

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