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About This Site

Welcome to Pantyhose Lane!
Hello and Welcome to Pantyhose Lane! I am so excited to have a site that is devoted exclusively to pantyhose! As you'll read below, pantyhose have been a big part of life for many, many just seems so natural for me to have a web site devoted exclusively to the topic! I do hope you join me in realizing what is truly a wonderful addition to my very own pantyhose web site!
Akira loves shiny pantyhose!

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Akira Talks About Pantyhose!

My pantyhose memories go back almost to my very first memories. I grew up in Okinawa and every Sunday my mother would dress me up for church and Sunday dinner at some family member's home. So each week, I would get to put on those little girls tights which I imagined to be pantyhose similar to those that my mother was wearing and since she is such a great influence on my life, I still associate pantyhose with grace and feminity. As I grew older the tights were exchanged for true pantyhose for those special occassions. In my teens, I was a cheerleader and we had several different outfits and we (the other cheerleaders and me) would often wear pantyhose to look that little bit sexier and have tanner legs!

Not long after college, I worked in the high tech industry most recently as a software consultant and salesperson, and of course wore pantyhose to the office most every day. So my mental association with pantyhose expanded to include the daily ritual of going to work. Talk about expansion: for Sunday finery, to schoolgirl sex appeal to getting my game face on for the daily grind.

Now that I am modeling full time, my pantyhose life has gone the full circle and I get to wear pantyhose for sex appeal and more sex appeal. Right back to my high school roots. Anyone that knows me, knows that I like, or rather love, to tease. There is something about the sheerness and texture and barely-there features of a pantyhose that offer so many ways to tease and show off. I just love the effect of the hose clinging to all those special parts of a woman's anatomy and knowing that men are going crazy trying to see all the way through!

Winnie's Closing Comments

New pantyhose sites of any decent quality are so few and far between these days that I long ago gave up on the notion that I'd see any more than possibly a scant few from now until...who knows when? But one of those sites has arrived, and it didn't simply disappear after a month!

Many of you already recognize Akira Lane. She has appeared right here on this site in the past, and you may have seen her on television in many of her movie appearances (Thrust, My Best Friend's Wife and others), as well as her many appearances on Playboy TV.

Luckily for us, Akira has now created her own pantyhose site! What do I like so much about the site, other than that it has gorgeous babes (sixteen so far after its first two months?): crystalline pics, and no-BS presentation and navigation. You folks know I like to keep things simple, and that's what we get at Pantyhose Lane. No overwhelming blinking ads, no pop-ups, etc. Just easy to follow updates, everything labeled well, and clear and easy access to the pics!

Pop over to Pantyhose Lane and take a look...all the girls are in the Free Area, with their names and descriptions. You'll love the site as much as I do! - Winnie

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