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Welcome to Shiny Gallery!
Welcome to Shiny Gallery! This is one of the largest archives of pantyhose galleries you will find in the world! There are approximately 10,000 quality pantyhose and other shiny images in our archives!
What is Chrissy hiding?

About Us!

Have you got a PANTYHOSE FETISH? Do you want to see gorgeous girls in tight shiny beautiful material? Well, we've got some of the most beautiful girls in the world here! All shapes and sizes to keep you satisfied!

Take a good look at the beautiful pictures on our tour. The girls shine! We love bubble butts at Shiny Gallery! And as you'll see from our colorful lipstick picks, we love other sorts of eroticism as well!

We feature some of the best pantyhose fetish photographers that you will ever come across. Why are they good? Because they have the fetish themselves! In the members section, you'll find that our images are top quality and full size! Some are 800/600, others are larger! We've got shiny pantyhose, tights, opaque, sheer, lycra, spandex, see-through, bras, big tits and sexy legs!

We have been in the business over 3 years now and have satisfied well over 10,000 customers! And the number will only continue to grow, as we update with a new set each Friday!

You might have joined several other pantyhose fetish sites in the past, but were left disappointed. Us too! That's why we began Shiny Gallery!

Winnie's Closing Comments

Let's face it...if pantyhose weren't shiny...(I'll bite my tongue here.) So Shiny Gallery has the right idea right from the get-go. Most of the the site is pantyhose, though the site does branch out into all topics nylon and spandex.

In looking through the site, I (as usual) searched for a common thread that ran through the different sets. I came to realize that what struck me the most (aside from the shiny pantyhose) was the smiling faces. The pic of Chrissy above is a perfect sample.

So if you like hot babes in shiny pantyhose...then Shiny Gallery would seem an obvious choice! - Winnie

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