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Birthday July 23, 1967
Favorite Brand L'eggs Size B
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About This Site

Tracey and Her Naked Place!
I'm so happy you made it to my little space on the web! I'm looking forward to getting to know you better! I'm not perfect and I don't admit to be, and god I'm no model that's for sure! But what I think that we both can achieve is a whole helluva a lot of Naked fun! I've been on the Net for 7 years now and I'm still having a blast with it!!!

Black Dress and L'eggs!

More from Tracey

What I'm here for is pure fun and to put a huge smile on your face! If I can achieve that you'll make me the happiest person in the world! I update every 5-7 days just because I like taking nude pics! I also have a fun Bio, Videos, Cd's and games for you too! I have tons of pics for you in both my club and free page, video files, archive sets, cam, cam archives and voice files!

So come join me on my journey of naked fun and I think I can help you relax after a long hard day at work and take you to a whole new level of smiling! Or at least I'll try my damndest doing it!

Tracey Talks About Pantyhose
I love wearing pantyhose! I think they make me feel about 6ft taller for some reason and about 10 times sexier than I actually am LOL! Then when you slip your high heels over the silky toes its such a luscious feeling! In skirts you can look at a woman's beautiful long legs in nylons and they seem to go on forever...and you wonder what they are wearing underneath. The silkier the better I say! Just my two cents on the erotic wear of pantyhose!

Tracey's Secrets About Winnie


Winnie and the Restaurant

It's been a fun year in Pantyhose this year! I have done all sorts of wild sets..some silly, and well some trying to look sexy LOL! I also met Winnie this past year and that was real special for me!

I think I really disappointed him because I wasn't wearing any pantyhose when I greeted him. We met for lunch, and he started asking me right away why I wasn't wearing pantyhose, even though it was like 110 degrees outside! Yeah, right, like I could really wear pantyhose when it's 110 degrees out! He's crazy!!! I wasn't wearing pantyhose, but little did he he know I wasn't wearing underwear either, hehehehe!

So then he asked the waitress about her entire life history of pantyhose! When she wears them, how often, what brand, and even what style!!! Oh God, does he really do that with all women???

We really hit it off on our afternoon together and I think even though he's a real smart-ass sometimes that we're going to be friends for a very long time! So kudos to you my friend and I'm so happy you are celebrating my birthday for me in the special way you do. Viva la Pantyhose! And thanks for making me feel so sexy no matter how I feel Winnie!

Winnie Defends Himself

My first instinct is to simply deny it all! Why? 'cause that's what I do...I just deny everything! It makes it tough when I am faced with incontrovertible evidence, though...

And a real smart-ass? Not me! Not with Tracey! At least, not as much as before she shaped up and started using a Mac instead of her dorky Windoze machine!

And I will admit that, even though Tracey wasn't wearing pantyhose (imagine the horror!), she still looked absolutely awesome, and I had lots of fun that afternoon! I can't wait 'til we get together again!

Oh...and Trace...I wasn't wearing any underwear either!!! - Winnie

Winnie's Closing Comments

I first came across Tracey about three years ago when I caught her showering pantyhose, of course! Ever since, she's found ways to sneak pantyhose into her sets, even though she always ends up taking them off!

Tracey combines what have always been two of my favorite elements: pantyhose (that's my favorite one) and nudity (or better, public nudity.) She just loves to saunter off to malls, or gas stations, or public streets, and just get naked. Given that she's a stunningly gorgeous blonde, how could I not be totally taken by her? - Winnie

Original Profile: 5/25/00

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